Thalpos-Mental Health

Volunteerism & Donations


The Rehabilitation Units “Thalpos” are active partners of local community. Professionals who work in, as well as residents who live in, they participate in solidarity activities of local community, information and interconnection of public regarding mental health issues within a defined framework, accordingly to their abilities and what needs turn out.

Along with offering, Units have the ability to receive support on voluntary basis from individuals or other associations through a defined organized framework which is formed per case. The institution of volunteers can contribute variously: on one hand practical offer is of high importance, on the other hand community relationships with residents are built and prejudices are eliminated.

The Scientific Director assumes himself the responsibility of the volunteers or assigns it to a member of the Interdisciplinary Group. The assigned responsibilities have to be clear and defined for the proper operation and collaboration with the other members of human resources, with flexible working hours for the volunteers.

The Organization is currently planning an organized operational framework for voluntary activities, in which our Rehabilitation Units welcome individuals volunteers, voluntary associations and associations with special identity.


We wholeheartedly appreciate any intention of contribution to the work of our Rehabilitation Units. The donations and sponsorships you wish to pronounce are related to actions of the Units to the public benefit out of the program "Psychargos". We accept contributions in kind and not for profit work, such as products of food, clothing, apparel, household equipment, toys etc., as well as applications for voluntary work.

You can contact with us at +30 210 86 68 365 or send your sponsorship request to