Thalpos-Mental Health

Thalpos Attica & Kalamata

The keystone of Thalpos–Mental Health was the foundation and establishment of two Mental Health and Rehabilitation Units for people with psychological disorders, "Thalpos Kalamata" and "Thalpos Attica", which operate in Kalamata, Prefecture of Messinia (Xirokampi Giannitsianika, 24100) and in Kifissia, Prefecture of Attica (3, Chrysostomou Smyrnis str., 145 61) respectively.

These Units, developed by health care professionals with many years of experience in private and public sector, provide specialized and certified by the Ministry of Health services to support patients with severe mental illnesses and related disorders as well as their family environment and carers, based on certificates of incorporation and establishment.

The basic principle that the Mental Health and Rehabilitation Units embrace is the harmonization of everyday life inside the Unit with the rhythms of social reality.

Mental Health and Rehabilitation Units “Thalpos”

The Units “Thalpos Attica” and “Thalpos Kalamata” are Psychosocial Rehabilitation Units with a high degree of protection, which hosts people with severe mental health problems 24 hours a day. The main focus is on hospitalization, education, employment and personal psychosocial development of residents.

The Units are structured, organized, developed and operate on the basis of the principles of sectorization, community psychiatry, outpatient care, the continuity of psychiatric care as well as information and voluntary community support in the promotion of mental health.

Rehabilitative goals of Units operation

The main rehabilitative goals of Mental Health and Rehabilitation Units operation are:

  • Improvement of social abilities of people with mental disorders by developing their social skills
  • Constant enhancement of the quality of life and autonomous functionality of their disabilities and disadvantages
  • Assurance of the quality of life and autonomous living in the community
  • Reduction of stigma and discrimination
  • Assurance of the quality of care for people with mental disorders.

The individual objectives of our Units are:

  • Assurance and applyance rules of collective living, which are subject to mutual respect, defined limits and parity
  • Supported management of the personal space and time of the occupants
  • Harmonization of everyday life in the structure with the rhythms of social reality
  • Development of individual and group activities to promote the mobilization, autonomy and socialization of residents
  • Psychosocial support of the residents through individual and group meetings with the members of the Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Group
  • At a later stage, and where feasible, the ability of joining in structures of protected work and transition to shelters and dependent apartments.