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This website is property of the non-profit organization located in Athens (registered office at 5 Agathoupoleos str.) under the legal and trade name "Thalpos-Mental Health".

Our Institution "Thalpos-Mental Health" develops various scientific and cultural activities of general interest, and provides, under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, mental health services through the operation of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centers (PRC). The organization is represented and managed by the General Partners Meeting, the Management Committee and the Manager.

The Manager and legal representative of our Institution is the Chairwoman of the Management Committee, Athina Passiou.

The website is a web-based means of communication of our Institution with the public, through which we provide information and data about our aims and activities, as well as updates on Greek and foreign publications and articles regarding issues and actions relevant to the Institution's goals.


The use of the website by the visitors/users requires the full and unconditional acceptance of the following Terms of Use.

In case the visitors/users do not agree to our website’s Terms of Use, they are obliged to stop using the website and refrain from any further use thereof.

The Institution’s website and the features and services provided by it can be used only by persons with the capacity to perform legal acts.

However, if minors visit websites or use services which may be considered inappropriate for them on their own accord, our Institution does not bear any responsibility.

The visitors/users of our Institution's website acknowledge that they have read, understood and fully accepted its Terms of Use and are bound by them.

The said Terms of Use are applicable to the full content of our Institution’s website, including graphics, images, photographs, files and any other feature included therein.

The Institution has the right to change the Terms of Use of at any time and without prior notice. For this reason, the visitors/users must check the Terms of Use every time they access the website.

In any case, it is presumed that the users/visitors using the website have agreed to the changes of its Terms of Use.



1.  License to use website

The use of aims at providing information to users or other Institutions for personal, educational, scientific, research and other purposes not related to any commercial or for-profit activity.

Reproducing or saving individual pages or data is only allowed for educational and research purposes on condition that our website will be cited as the source of the information and the names of its creators (if available on the website) will be mentioned, provided that there is no infringement of intellectual property rights.

Saving, reproducing, republishing, transmitting or distributing any part of the website’s content for commercial use or any other purpose not explicitly permitted by these Terms of Use and the law is strictly prohibited.


2. Obligations of visitors/users

The website of our Institution is accessed on the visitors’/users’ own accord and responsibility and not on our Institution’s.

Evaluating, assessing and making good use of the provided information and services is the sole responsibility of the website’s visitors/users.

The visitors/users will use the website exclusively for legitimate purposes and in accordance with the law, accepted principles of morality and these Terms of Use.

The visitors/users shall also refrain from any acts or omissions which may cause damage or dysfunction to the website and affect or compromise its information or features, as well as the provided services.

Moreover, the visitors/users are subject to the legislation regarding the transmission of data from Greece to Member States of the E.U. and third countries and, therefore, agree to refrain from, including but not limited to, using our Institution’s website to harm a minor, transmit or gain access to content which may be insulting to other people’s personalities (ex. defamatory or racist) or invade in any way the privacy and affect the individual and social rights of third parties.

The visitors/users of our website are obliged to comply with the rules and provisions of the Greek, European and International Law and the relevant legislation regarding telecommunications and refrain from any unlawful and abusive conduct when using the website or in relation to it, as well as from engaging in anticompetitive practices etc.

The visitors/users of our website are liable for any damage caused to the website resulting from the improper or unlawful use of the website and the services provided through it.

In case our Institution becomes involved in any litigation or is required to pay any amount (for damages etc.) to a third party because of or in connection with failure on behalf of the visitors/users to meet their obligations set forth in these terms, then it shall be fully reimbursed by them for any incidental or consequential damage.

Besides, the visitors/users are prohibited from publishing and promoting, in any way, any kind of unsolicited or unauthorized advertisement or unsolicited electronic messages (spam), chain mails, pyramid schemes and any other form of unwanted promotional content, as well as from publishing and promoting advertisement without the written consent of our Institution.

The failure on the part of our Institution to exercise its rights arising from these Terms shall not be construed as a waiver of its rights.


3. Limitations of Liability

Our Institution, without offering any guarantees and, therefore, without taking any responsibility, makes every effort to include in this website information which is complete, accurate, up to date and clear. However, under no circumstances is the Institution is responsible for or does it offer any guarantees regarding the security and content of the information.

Moreover, our Institution is not responsible for mistakes, omissions or any deficiencies regarding the information or the services provided by the said website, as well as for delays or interruptions or inability to transmit the information and the services or for any damage which may be caused for any reason to the visitor/user from the use of the said information and services.

Also, our Institution does not bear any responsibility for any breach of the said terms and conditions due to an event of force majeure, including but not limited to: earthquake, fire, flood, war.

No part of the content provided to the users on the website constitutes, and shall not be construed, explicitly or implicitly, as, an instruction, advice or incitement to any act or omission.

The information and services provided on the website are at the disposal of the users, who can, at their discretion, evaluate them and use them freely at their own will, without any responsibility on the part of our Institution.


4. Posts by visitors/users

The Institution gives the visitors/users of the possibility to make posts to social networks through its website either in the form of requests or by any other means of communication.

Our Institution reserves its right to inspect the content of these posts and stop the publication of content which violates the law (ex. threatening, defamatory, offensive etc.) and could result in legal liability.

In case the website managers become aware of any illegal posts, the Institution is obliged to remove them immediately and without any notice.

On their part, the visitors/users acknowledge the right of the Institution to inspect and approve the information contained in the post before publishing it.

The visitors/users accept that they are solely responsible for the information they post on their own initiative and shall refrain from creating posts which infringe intellectual property rights or other rights of the Institution or third parties or breach the law.

Under no circumstances is our Institution liable for any incidental, consequential or non-material damage suffered by third parties due to actions or omissions by the visitors/users.

If the visitors/users wish to remove the posts they have made on our Institution’s website, they are obliged to request their removal by writing at our Institution’s email address found at

In this case, our Institution is obliged to remove the relevant post within two working days.

Finally, the posts made by the visitors/users can be used freely by our Institution, without any compensation, for the promotion of its non-profit aims, provided that the rights of the creators-users are not violated.


5. Intellectual property rights

Our Institution is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Greek, E.U. and international law regarding the intellectual and industrial property and take every measure required to avoid the violation of any intellectual property rights through its website.

The visitors/users of are obliged, as mentioned above, to refrain from violating any intellectual property rights of our Institution or third parties. 

To this end, publishing, copying, modifying, transmitting, transferring, reproducing, distributing, presenting or using the website’s content, in whole or in part, in any manner or by any means, for commercial or other purposes, is prohibited without the prior written consent of our Institution.

Exceptionally, copying, printing, downloading or saving individual elements of the said content as they are, without modifying or changing them in any way, exclusively for private use by the visitors/users, is permitted, provided that their source will be explicitly cited and that they will not be used for commercial or other purposes.

Logos, trade names, trademarks and characteristics included in the website belong to our Institution or to the persons mentioned on the website as holders of the relevant rights and are protected according to the applicable legislation for the intellectual and industrial property.

Saving, reproducing, republishing, transmitting and distributing registered trademarks, as well as trademarks of any collaborating Institution published on our website, is prohibited.

Copyrighted works of third parties promoted in this website have been published in good faith for the information of the public, in order to serve the non-profit aims. In case the creators of the said works do not wish them to be published, the Institution is obliged to remove immediately the relevant posts from the website.


6. Links to third-party websites

Our Institution is not responsible for the content of third-party websites linked to this website, given that the links are provided solely for information purposes and without any liability (civil or criminal) of the Institution for the secure access to them. Moreover, our Institution bears no responsibility for the content of the linked websites of third parties, including without limitations, liability for intellectual property rights or any other rights of third parties.


7. Website security

The visitors/users of the website are obliged to have at their disposal suitable equipment (ex. computer, software, communication equipment), as well as any necessary service, in order to have access to our Institution’s website.

Moreover, the visitors/users are solely responsible for the protection of their system from viruses or other malware.

The Internet is not a safe environment and, therefore, even though our Institution uses special software against viruses and malware, it cannot guarantee its visitors/users that the website will operate uninterruptedly and free of any kind of errors, viruses and malware.

Therefore, our Institution is not responsible for any loss of data or other damage suffered by the user or third parties caused either by using/copying/downloading, saving or a corruption or infection by viruses or malware or other unauthorized alterations by third parties to files, information and services available on the website.

The visitors/users shall not install or promote and/or make available any content which may contain computer viruses or any other code, file or software designed to interfere with, destroy or limit the operation of any software or communication equipment or prevent other users from using our Institution’s website.


8. Personal data

The personal data of the visitors/users of our Institution's website are processed and protected in accordance with these Terms of Use, the provisions of the Greek law for the protection of personal data (Law 2472/1997, as amended and in force), the legislation regulating the use of the Internet, the electronic communications and the protection of the consumer, as well as the regulatory Acts/Provisions and the Decisions, Directives and Regulations of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority ( and of any other Independent Authority for the protection of electronic communications privacy.

Without prejudice to the following paragraph, the visitor’s/user’s personal data (email address) are not disclosed to third parties, except when our Institution is required to comply with the relevant legal procedures for their disclosure solely to the competent authorities (Judicial, Administrative etc.).

Our Institution shall maintain a record and process the visitors’/users’ personal data for communication, statistical and historical purposes, but also to improve its website and aims, the provided information and services, taking every necessary measure to ensure the privacy of this data.

The visitors/users consent to their personal data being used by our Institution and other institutions related to it.

In any case, the visitors/users of our website have the right to be informed, access and raise objections regarding the personal data related to them and subject to processing, according to the aforementioned (articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997). They can exercise the relevant right by submitting a written request at our Institution’s website or at its email address


9. Cookie Policy

In order to establish a safer and more efficient environment, our website uses Cookies (i.e. small files which are sent and saved on the visitor’s/user's computer/device) either for the statistical analysis and functionality of the website (ex. number of visitors, frequency of visits, preferences etc.) or to serve the purposes of the Institution.

It should be noted that failure to accept the use of Cookies on behalf of the visitor/user may affect the provision of the website’s services.


10. Newsletter

Our Institution does not provide to third parties personal data collected from our website’s users.

The newsletters are sent through a special mechanism that ensures its operating conditions and the protection of the email addresses.

The newsletters are sent exclusively to the users which have subscribed to our newsletter list. Under no circumstances shall our Institution send intentionally spam emails to the users.


11. Access to social networks

The Institution’s website provides to its users the possibility to connect with and interact through our Institution’s pages on the social networks on their own initiative and following a request. In order for the users to exercise their rights set forth by the law regarding the protection of their personal data from the social networks, they should contact these networks directly.

Our Institution is not responsible for the processing of the user's personal data by the said networks to enable connection with the website.                                                                                      


12. Applicable law - Other terms

This Terms of Use Agreement is governed by the Greek law. The courts which are solely competent to hear any dispute which may arise in the future between our Institution and the visitor/user of the website are the courts of Athens.

If any of these terms is void or becomes annulled, it shall automatically cease to apply, without prejudice, under no circumstances, to the rest of the Terms of Use.