Thalpos-Mental Health

reΜind: Experience mental health

reΜind: Experience mental health

The action focuses on our healthy self through a thrilling trip in mental health experiences, within Healthy Life Festival, the biggest festival that has been organized in Greece about Health and Wellbeing.

The organization “Thalpos-Mental Health” participated in the festival inviting the audience to experience an unprecedented journey of activities in mental health, through a series of concrete actions with an interactive and experiential character, using not only their mind but also their senses.

Awareness Quiz and board game | “I had a black dog” story | Canvas Painting | Positive Feelings Wall | Get Connected 

On the second day of the Festival, Saturday April 21st at 11:00 am, the psychologist of the Rehabilitation Unit "Thalpos Attica" Maria Makridaki, spoke about "The benefits of mindfulness in our lives" helping us to address and not to miss life’s little moments as well as not to oppress our feelings.

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“Healthy Life Festival” 

20 - 22 April 2018