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reΜind a 30-day challenge

reΜind a 30-day challenge

For 30 days in May, which is the month of mental health, we reMind ourself to embrace who we are, including our advantages and disadvantages, with the aim to improve our mental health. Through 30 simple, ordinary but equally important actions, we aim to promote and emphasize on the positive way of thinking, by adding more optimism in our daily routine and in the way we face life. 

The organization “Thalpos-Mental Health” invites you to accept the challenge and take part in our campaign, by integrating the reMind 30-day challenge into your lives.

In May we share photos and videos on “Thalpos-Mental Health” Facebook page and on Instagram  account, we exchange ideas and experiences with the rest 30-day challengers and we enter organization's lottery for wellbeing services and gifts. 

Facebook: @ThalposMentalHealth

Instagram: @remindbythalpos 

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