Thalpos-Mental Health

Our people

The values of our Organization, are an essential element in undertaking and executing each of our actions and are reinforced not only by our social partners and the communities with which we cooperate, but primarily by our human resources.

The “Thalpos-Mental Health” Organization believes that its people are its driving force. Our primary concern is to improve the services of our employees through their continuing education and training and the provision of advisory and professional support by the Organization itself, recognizing the challenges our employees face in the framework of their intervention in the mental health of the tenants. 

The employees of our Units have, except for knowledge and expertise, other characteristics necessary for the deinstitutionalization procedure, such as perseverance, respect, love for fellow human beings and joint team spirit. 

Our main concern is that our employees take satisfaction from their work, feel proud of its results, and are able to translate frustration or fatigue in positive thinking and creativity. Recognizing the value of each employee, we strengthen the employee and its offer to the work of the Unit, fulfilling daily our objectives.

In the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Units of “Thalpos-Mental Health” Organization, trained mental health professionals are employed, covering the operation of our units 24h hours a day. Each Unit provides for the establishment of the Interdisciplinary Group, the Multidisciplinary Group and other internal sub-groups in order to achieve its objectives.  

Interdisciplinary Group

The objective of the Interdisciplinary Group is the planing and the implementation of the objectives of the psychosocial rehabilitation as well as the information and the voluntary assistance to the Community in order to promote mental health. The group consists of the following specialties:

  • Scientific Director 
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Social Worker
  • Administrative Official
  • Head Nurse

Meet the members of the Interdisciplinary Group of the Unit “Thalpos Attica” and “Thalpos Kalamata"

Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Group

The entire body of employees of each one of our two Units, as well as the group of Nurses and Employees of General Tasks, are the Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Group (M.T.G.). The work of the M.T.G. is the design and the implementation of actions in order to achieve the objectives of the psychosocial rehabilitation, as referred to in the Consensus Declaration via the described methods.  

Do you want to become a member of our group?

If you want you to join the work force of “Thalpos of Attica” or “Thalpos of Kalamata” Unit, you can send your CV along with a cover letter to

Job vacancies at the “Thalpos-Mental Health” Organization are published on the web page and on the official Facebook page.