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Volunteering day of the employees of "AB Vassilopoulos'

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Volunteering day of the employees of "AB Vassilopoulos'

A day dedicated to offering “AB Vassilopoulos”, on the occasion of the International Year of Volunteers (2011) organized on Sunday, May 29, 2011 voluntary activities in collaboration with the local communities of the areas where it has branches in Greece. The purpose of these actions was to establish links with local communities, increase team spirit and enhance corporate culture.

In this context, the majority of AB Vassilopoulos’ employees volunteered to implement actions related to humans and to the environment. Specifically, the volunteers per store, or address, came in contact with local authorities, institutions, nursing homes, orphanages, and depending on the needs of each institution helped by collecting clothes, shoes, toys, books, school supplies and food or found themselves for a few hours near all those people around us.
The branch of AB Vasilopoulos in Pefki decided to volunteer for the residents of “Thalpos II”. The manager of the branch in cooperation with our body and after their visit to the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Unit decided to implement many different volunteer activities aim at offering to the residents of “Thalpos II”.

For instance:

  • planting of fruit trees, flowers and vegetable garden creation
  • decoration of the walls of the ergotherapy hall in order to make the room more cheerful and this way enhance children's creativity
  • decoration of residents’ rooms
  • realization of puppet performance for tenants
  • offering of T-shirts with the names of the tenants on them, stories, games, clothes, cds / dvds, etc.