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THRIASIA – Young Women of Science in Employment

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THRIASIA – Young Women of Science in Employment

Leader partner at the DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP "THRIASIA – Young Women of Science in Employment" for the implementation of the project "NETWORK FOR THE SOCIAL ECONOMY AND THE PROMOTION OF WOMEN SCIENTISTS IN EMPLOYMENT IN THE AREA OF THRIASIO PLAIN", funded by the European Social Fund, the Ministry of Labour - Intermediate Managing Authority of the Region of Attica.

Object of the project is the activation and motivation of the local authorities aiming at job creation for 78 unemployed women scientists, as a result of the verification of the special local needs and the emergence of the development potentials in the areas of intervention. The actions are related to the preparation of the unemployed beneficiaries and include all the necessary actions, starting from the procedure of selection until the confirmation of the jobs creation.
The actions that will be carried out refer to the local work markets and are focused on the support of the beneficiaries and the businesses of a limited area, in order to combine the offer and demand of employment. The geographical range of the intervention can be referred to an area which covers reasonably one or more municipalities or the total of the peripheral unity.

Emphasis is given as much as in the service of the needs of the existing local business community, as in its enhancement through its support and reinforcement of young businessmen and in bringing to light new viable fields of business activity.
The basic actions concern the preparation of unemployed beneficiaries for the access in the job market via counseling and training.

Through the Local Plans for Employment is assured that:
the beneficiaries will be properly prepared to establish businesses which wil cover the needs of the area of intervention based on the utilization of particular characteristics of the area, as described in the plan of action or/and
the beneficiaries who will be financed from other investment programs will be properly prepared for the accession in the relevant program or/and the beneficiaries who will be employed they will be properly trained so as to correspond to the actual needs of the firms.