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Smart and creative furniture restoration

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Smart and creative furniture restoration

From the head of creative activity of the Rehabilitation Unit “Thalpos Kalamata” Maria Gaitanarou.

Many times, in our effort to get rid of old and damaged furniture, we also throw away those that with little imagination and effort, could become useful again without taking space in our warehouse any more. When the tenants of “Thalpos Kalamata” found an old but not at all damaged wooden chair in their Unit’s warehouse, they decided to remake it, by taking care of its faded color giving this time their own personal touch.

They started by cleaning and rubbing the chair to remove its remaining veneer and then they painted it, passing the color at least twice, in order to absorb it well and look brighter. Due to spring, they chose sky blue to have the leading role and at second stage, using the chair as canvas they painted various designs of their choice.

For many people, restoring an old furniture is a difficult and time-consuming process and for this, most people choose to get rid of them. In reality, however, it is a simple and enjoyable activity, through which we can discover unknown aspects of ourselves and develop new skills. The same feelings flooded the members of "Thalpos Kalamata" who now acquired a much more beautiful chair in their Unit and for which they feel very proud.