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Female friendships save lives

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Female friendships save lives

In Medical School of Stanford University, a group of distinguished researchers has long been studying the interaction between social environment, mind, brain and body in order to understand in what ways loneliness, stress or human coexistence and support can affect health.

The head of the research team David Spiegel recently said that the best thing a man can do for his health is to find a woman and marry her. A woman, the best she can do to protect her health is to cultivate and take care of the relationship with her girlfriends. Everyone laughed in the audience. But Dr. David Spiegel was absolutely serious. His phrase was to summarize the results of the research who had been conducting a whole decade.

Since 2002, several researchers have been studying the importance of female friendship. In the beginning, respective researches were looking for the obvious and they were ironically treated. Everyone knows that concerning women, girlfriends are the most "significant others."

They also know that women are connected in a manner different from that of men. They communicate differently, love differently and see the world with different eyes. Science has shown (in a survey - Station of the University of California at Los Angeles - UCLA) that the female brain responds to stress by reducing oxytocin-the notorious "hormone of love". Thanks to this, the reaction «fight or flight» is getting milder and as a result woman avoids these two extreme attitudes and reacts mildly. Oxytocin is the one that offers the biological motivation for women to coexist with other women and also to care for their children.

Moreover, the different way in which women are connected with and coexist helps them to cope with stress and difficulties of everyday life. Quality time a woman spends with her friends makes her body to produce more serotonin, a neurotransmitter which contributes to depression combating and also to the creation of the feeling of well-being.

Women share feelings, while men create relationships focusing on their actions. It is extremely rare for a man to sit down to talk with his friends about how he feels or how things are going in his life. He will talk about sports, cars, fishing, and army.

This is what women are doing. They open their souls and share with her friends, her sisters or their moms. Scientists point out that time women spend with other women is so important to the health and physical condition, as well as running and sports in general.

"We tend to believe that when we exercise we take care of our bodies and also to consider that time we spend with our friends is lost and unproductive." Scientific research demonstrates that great misconception and emphasizes that, in fact, the inability of a man to create and maintain quality interpersonal relationships where he shares his feelings is equally destructive to his health as smoking.

Let’s invest time and pay attention to female friendships! They are good for health!