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10 Years Celebration “Thalpos Attica”

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10 Years Celebration “Thalpos Attica”

The Mental Health and Rehabilitation Unit "Thalpos Attica" celebrates its 10 years of operation and care to people with chronic psychological disorders. The high care and protection unit hosts 15 individuals who used to reside in psychiatric hospitals, by providing them every day with high standards services on their health and wellbeing. The organization "Athena-Social Care", who established the Mental Health and Rehabilitation units "Thalpos Attica" and "Thalpos Kalamata", celebrates too and is proud of its keystone units.

The contribution to mental health could only be celebrated on the day of the World Mental Health Day, on 10 October 2016. This day every year gives the opportunity to the mental health community to reflect, discuss and organize strategies, programs and practices aiming to improve and deal with mental health and make the mental health care reality for everyone. This special day was dedicated to Thalpos II mental health recipients aiming to impact on their expression, creativity and entertainment.

The event was hosted in facilities provided by a significant educational institution, where mental health recipients from other mental health units along with their minders were invited to celebrate this special day. The Interdisciplinary Team of "Thalpos Kalamata" designed a creative occupation program which enabled recipients to participate in six different artistic and entertainment activities, by creating crafts with clay and decoupage, painting with stencil, building accessories with beads, making abstract collages and playing board games, as well.  Following this, the guests were offered the opportunity to take part in a special customized theatre performance where they shared their personal stories and the trained actors represented through improvisation technics.

The joy and pride of the participants about their creations, as well as the performance of their own unique story were what the minders needed in order to draw strength and keep working hard.

During the event, the president of "Athena-Social Care" organization, Mrs. Athena Passiou, pointed out that without mental health, there is no health. Mental health is a state of wellness, in plain words the ability we have to take pleasure and satisfaction from life, keep our inner balance and have flexibility during everyday life. Thus, the protection and care of mental health is a matter of great importance.

The event was attended by Ms. Fotini Koulouri, Head of the Directorate of Financial Management and Services of the Ministry of Health and Mrs. Sofia Kalantzi member of the third Sectoral Committee of Mental Health.