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Turning your passion into a job

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Turning your passion into a job

By the Special Therapist of “Thalpos Kalamata” Maria Gaitanarou

Since I was a little girl, I remember myself yearningly collecting every single material my peers threw awayto make different kinds of crafts. It was my favorite pastime. Old useless objects got color and life in my eyes and the satisfaction was indescribable because it was me who gave them life again. How easily a kid can feel like a small god who is able to create and feel proud of its creation. Well, I felt alike whenever I had different materials from the rubbish dumpin my hands. Thechildlike innocence was what introduced me the benefits of doing what you really love.

Now, during my adulthood, I acknowledge that my occupation along with the residents of “Thalpos I” crafting a wide range of things by using recycling materials makes me really happy and creative.

My day starts smiling because my dreams have been actualized. Igotomyworkshopandmakealongwith “mystudents” beautifulcraftswithlove. I try to show them that they can create and afterwards enjoy the result, working as a team. It gives true pleasure to me and them, as well.

Despite the difficult economic situation we experience, many people find the courage needed to do their own business having as a driver force the most fruitful outcome. The only way you can work to the maximum of your capabilities is to really love what you do. Only if you could work for something without any payment, you could be successfully occupied with and at the same time feel nice with your profession.

Admittedly, it is a big risk and the decision is usually in the hands of a teenager who doesn’t know if he should listen to his parents or himself. It is difficult to turn your hobby into a profession and in no case is it easy to listen to your beloved ones repeat all the time how such a bad idea it is. Dreams never hurt anyone, thus we could realize them now and then, having the fortitude, audacity, support and willingnessneeded. Recently, I read this, “Doyouneedajob? Inventit.”

What we should definitely have in mind is that when a hobby is turned into a job, then it’s not a hobby anymore. I mean that even though you keep doing what you love, you do it under different circumstances, the ones of professional duties and responsibilities. You can do your hobby whenever you want, the way you want and if you want to. It is not the same with the profession, since you have commitments, clients, an employer, financial obligations, deadlines and so on. It doesn’t mean that in the long run you will hate it but it is possible your thoughts will not be actualized the way you imagine.

In my opinion, finding out what your passion is can help you turn your hobby into a career. Find out what fulfills you. Make clear to yourself what you would really like to do. Forme, that is thefirststep. Then, haveloveandpassionforwhatyou have chosen to do. 

The financial benefits possibly will come later. To begin with, what is needed is devotion and time, so that later you enjoy the successful results. Remember, by turning your hobby into a career you have more possibilities to be successful, as you already have a part of the required skills.

In conclusion, I would like to ask a question, “If you could be paid with happiness, what job would you choose?”