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Protecting the mentality of unemployed

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Protecting the mentality of unemployed

The importance of work is indisputable, since constitutes the main factor of creativity and development of the community. Work provides the person with the ability to ensure all these necessary elements that contribute to its living, encourages its self-esteem and develops its sociability, and as a result the required conditions for its mentality balance are created.

By comprehendingthe advantages that work provides the employment in his everyday life, it is easy to understand how overwhelming the loss of work can be. Unfortunately, in contemporary society, there is significant increase in the intensity of the phenomenon of unemployment, which contributes to the creation of emotional disorders to the unemployed.

It might stimulate a variety of negative emotions to the person such us disappointment, anger, sadness, anxiety, grief, hopelessness, feel of inability to maintain itself and its family, intense fear of how difficult to find a new job is and depression as well.

The long term unemployment can crumble the personal identity of the unemployed and cause enormous and drastic changes into his mental structure. For instance, it can cause apathy, irritability, lack of will and motivation for improvement, lack of pleasure and satisfaction, isolation. Moreover, his faith and self-trust are shaken and as a consequence his family and social relationship can be affected.

However, the loss of job is entirely subjective experience since each person reacts with different way according to his skills, his personality and his experiences.

In any case, the unemployment should be dealt with composure and conscious effort so that his functionality and relationships not to be influenced. Some indicative suggestions are:

Problem identification. It is important we accept the reality. It helps a lot if we tell ourselves or anyone copes with job loss: “Yes, you are right, it is of vital importance problem. It is truth that it is really difficult. It happened to you, it is a reality, but strength and courage are necessary”. It is useful if realism exists when we confront the negative feelings unemployment causes. It is a difficult situation, it is a severe problem and anyone should evaluate it in real dimensions with flexibility, daring and hope.

Problem expression-externalization. The person who cope with unemployment, it is useful when someone gives him encouraging pats on the back, his support and talks to him with a positive and optimistic way. Even better is to be asked “how do you feel like?” and then the person who made the question to be able to carefully listen to him with patience. The unemployed is in need of talking to someone else, to be expressed, to cry in order to relieve. Many times, emotional expression is avoided with the fear of be considered as a weakness. But it creates oppressed emotional charge which can lead to outbursts and aggressive behavior or to grief and withdrawal. The person who copes with unemployment should learn express himself by using the appropriate words that correspond to his feelings: anger, fear, shame, guilt, disappointment, stress.

Psychological support. Counseling can help the unemployed to realize the reality, revalue his personal skills that probably he has disdained, realistically attribute the causes of his failure and properly manage the negative and painful feelings that long term loss of job stimulates. What is more, psychological support is able to help the person to learn new and effective behavior forms that will enhance his aimed presence to the job market. In conclusion, counseling can contribute to the administration of possible conflicts as a result of the problems job loss causes.

Feeling of self-utility development. The feeling of utility functions as a counterweight to the sense of failure and helps to the replenishment of self-worth. The volunteerism brings about significant benefits because the person can meet new people, it encourages the independence, enrich its experiences and reinforce its creativity. At the same time, its previous employment at its CV is getting larger. Volunteerism can even lead to paid work.

The combination and application of all above can help the unemployed to cope with the usual negative results that loss of job brings about in his mental being. He ought to positively take advantage of the situation in order to get out of this stronger.