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Artworks the dustbins of Thalpos in Kalamata

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Artworks the dustbins of Thalpos in Kalamata

By the Special Therapist of "Thalpos Kalamata" Maria Gaitanarou

In the framework of the Occupation Program of the Rehabilitation Unit in Kalamata and of increased mood of the residents for creativity, a visual art intervention occurred to the dustbin of the Unit which was granted by the Municipality of Kalamata.

This activity was aimed at the occupation of the residents, using light manual work in order to paint the bin and at the same time to challenge a conversation about artistic intervention on functional objects. Residents had the opportunity to participate in the process of converting a disinteresting bin into a small artwork by using paints and their imagination.

Residents participated in the activity with longing, expressing eagerness to contribute to the dustbin painting. After discussion, it was decided the use of familiar summer colors. Therefore, the bright blue sea selected as the basic color and a variety of bright colors for the seabed.

The members of the Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Group of "Thalpos I" argue that when the activities of mental patients focus more on the entertainment part of the occupation process and less in the functional, there are many more smiles on their faces, more joy, positive mood and they are looking forward to their involvement in similar activities.

As the dustbin painting was taking place in the garden of the Unit, at the same time residents got the benefits of the nature. Apart from manual occupation that the painting causes, they had the opportunity to enjoy the scents of the flowers and get in touch with the vegetable garden. They expressed feelings of impatience about eating vegetables that on a daily basis the staff of the Rehabilitation Unit take care of. The delight of all the senses is the most important benefit for the enhancement of the residents' mental wellbeing, and the main scope of the Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Group "Thalpos I".