Thalpos-Mental Health

Interdisciplinary Group of Attica Unit

Agis Gouzaris - Psychiatrist, Scientific Editor

Agis is the Psychiatrist and the Scientific Responsible of the “Thalpos of Attica” Unit.

He is responsible for the psychiatric monitoring of all the tenants at a diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive level, while as the Scientific Responsible, he has the scientific, administrative, and educational supervision of the Unit, exercising total supervision on the operation of the Unit as regards planning, organizing and evaluating issues relating to the tenants, the human resources of the Unit and the operating procedures, for ensuring a high level of provided services. 


Giannis Sfiris - Special Internist

Giannis was born and raised in Athens. He has graduated with first-class honors from the Medical School of the University of Bologna in Italy, and as a Special Internist he particularly deals with diabetes mellitus, diseases of the metabolism, obesity, the prevention of anti-aging, as well as with ear acupuncture and ear treatment in general. 

He has received many and diverse knowledge and significant experience during his traineeship in different internships both in Greece and abroad, such as in The Orthopedic and Traumatology Department of the Medical Faculty of the University of Lublin in Poland, in the Departments of Pathology, Pediatrics, Surgery, Gynecology, Microbiology, and Emergencies of the General State Hospital of Nikaia, of Internal Medicine, as well as in the Laboratory


of Immunology and Research for Liver and Gastrointestinal Disorders and Diseases.

Giannis  became a member of the family of the “Thalpos of Attica” Unit in 2017 and since then he is responsible for the medical monitoring of the tenants at a diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive level. He ensures the optimal clinical condition and the physical health of the tenants in cooperation with the Scientific Responsible, the Psychiatrist and the Head Nurse of the Unit. 


Georgia Santourtzoglou - Head Nurse

Georgia was born and raised in Thessaloniki. She is a graduate of the Department of Nursing of the Technological Educational Institute of Lamia, and her traineeship in the General Hospital of Atttica “Rehabilitation Center for Injured Persons (KAT)” brought her to Athens and then to the family of “Thalpos of Attica." In the first three years of her employment in the Unit, she worked as a nurse. The  nursing care she expressed daily to the people of “Thalpos”, and the professional skills she successfully combined, contributed to her rapidly taking over the position of Head Nurse.

Today, Georgia is responsible for the guidance and the organization of the Nursing Group and the General Tasks employees of the Unit with the aim of providing high-quality health services. In cooperation with the Psychiatrist


and the Internist of the Unit, she is contributing to the care of the mental rehabilitation and the physical and organic integrity of the tenants. 

Georgia is a member of the Hellenic Nurses Association and she often attends research programs relating to the nursing care of people with mental disorders and also the scientific articles she writes are published on the website of “Thalpos-Mental Health” Organization.


Maria Makridaki - Psychologist

Maria was born and raised in Athens. She has studied Psychology at the New York College, taking a master’s degree from the King’s College London and a doctorate from the University of Surrey on the Consulting and Psychotherapeutic Psychology. Her thesis addresses the acoustic illusions, while she has participated in a series of further training courses on therapeutic models, psychological first aid, relaxation techniques and neuropsychology. 

She has research experience in the assessment of mental health services for vulnerable social groups and clinical experience in primary and secondary care in Units of Mental Health, in Psychotherapy Units and in Units of Health Psychology, both in England and in Greece. She has worked both with


individual sessions and with the coordination of psychoeducational groups for psychosis in individuals ready for deinstitutionalization. She has offered parental consulting services and she has performed a series of actions and speeches in public schools on the psychosocial development of children and adolescents.

Maria became a member of the family of the“Thalpos of Attica” Unit in 2016. Her role consists in observing, clinically and neuropsychologically assessing the behavior of the tenants, and participating in the planning, the implementation and the monitoring of the individual treatment programs of each tenant. She is also responsible for the activities focused on the tenants, their families, and the community, but also on the professionals working in the Unit within the framework of the training required for their effective occupation in the Units. 

Maria is a member of the group of writers of scientific articles on mental health, which are published on the website of “Thalpos-Mental Health” Organization.


Marina Nikolaou - Social Worker

Marina was born and raised in Athens, completing her secondary education in the Erasmios Greek-German School and her higher education in the Department of Social Work of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. 

She completed her treaineeship in the corresponding Social Service Departments of the General Hospital of Atttica “Rehabilitation Center for Injured Persons (KAT)”, the General Hospital of Athens “Georgios Gennimatas”, and the Adolescents Day Center “ORIONAS”. Marina has participated in three cycles of Scientific Educational Programs for Mental Health in the General Hospital of Attica “Sismanogleio-Amalia Fleming”.


In 2017, Marina became a member of the family of “Thalpos of Attica” Unit, and since then she is responsible for the assessment and the handling of the social and welfare needs of the tenants, the support of their relationships with the family and with their social network and the cooperation with the community. 

Marina  is a member of the group of writers of scientific articles on mental health, which are published on the website of “Thalpos-Mental Health” Organization.


Rania Filopoulou - Social Sciences, Administrative Official 

Rania was born and raised in Kalamata. After many years of continuous academic education and in conjunction with her research in the field of Social Policy, she has equipped with expertise and experience in a broad range of important social issues, such as working relations, education, health, social exclusion/integration, migration, offering proposals and solutions both on handling and addressing them and on their viability.

She has studied in the Undergraduate and Postgraduate program of the Social Policy Department of the Panteion University of Athens and she is a candidate Doctor of the same Department, in the subject of studying the professional choices of children in Greece. 


For seven years, Rania was responsible for the Planing & the Implementation of Social Care Programs for the “Athena-Social Care” Organization  (now “Thalpos-Mental Health"). The core of the programs she was responsible for were the employment programs, whose social value was an important development and aid for more than 800 people/social groups.

With the conclusion of the Social Programs, Rania took over the administrative procedures of the “Thalpos of Attica”Unit.  She is responsible for the management and the administrative supervision of the Unit, and she is collaborating with the Scientific Group.