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We have created some questions you may have about us. In case you would like to learn something more, you can contact with us.

- What are the "Thalpos"?

The "Thalpos" are  Mental Health and Rehabilitation Units with a high degree of protection, which host people with severe mental health problems 24 hours a day. The main focus is on hospitalization, education, employment and personal psychosocial development of residents. The Units are part of the Greek Psychiatric Reform of the Program "Psychargos".

- What is "Psychargos"?

The Psychiatric Reform Program creates Mental Health and Rehabilitation Units (Homes, Hostels, Protected Apartments) for the de-institutionalization, psychosocial rehabilitation and social reintegration of 3,500 chronic asylum-patients living in psychiatric hospitals, and at the same time develops psychiatric departments in general hospitals and other community structures that provide mental health services such as Day Care Centers, Mobile Units, Mental Health Centers and Medical Education Centers.

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- Could I make a donation or offer my duties on a volunteerism basis?

We wholeheartedly appreciate any intention of contribution to the work of our Rehabilitation Units. The donations and sponsorships you wish to pronounce are related to actions of the Units to the public benefit out of the program "Psychargos". We accept contributions in kind and not for profit work, such as products of food, clothing, apparel, household equipment, toys etc., as well as applications for voluntary work.

You can contact with us at +30 210 86 68 365 or send your sponsorship request to

- Which is the basic principle of the "Thalpos" and their main goal?

The basic principle that the Mental Health and Rehabilitation Units "Thalpos" embrace is the harmonization of everyday life inside the Unit with the rhythms of social reality. Their main goal is the de-institutionalization of people with severe mental health problems.

- What services are provided at the "Thalpos"?

The Units "Thalpos", developed by health care professionals with many years of experience in private and public sector, provide specialized and certified by the Ministry of Health services to support patients with severe mental illnesses as well as their family environment and carers, based on certificates of incorporation and establishment.

- How could I work at the "Thalpos"?

The specialties that are employed are: Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Occupational therapist, Social Worker, Administrative Officer, Head of Nursing, Nurses and General Employees.

If you want to join the human resources of "Thalpos Attica" or "Thalos Kalamata" you can send your CV along with a cover letter to

- How can I offer my volunteerism work to residents who live in the "Thalpos"?

The Units have the ability to receive support on voluntary basis from individuals or other associations through a defined organized framework which is formed per case. The institution of volunteers can contribute variously: on one hand practical offer is of high importance, on the other hand community relationships with residents are built and prejudices are eliminated.

- How can a patient, a friend or a family member to become resident of "Thalpos"?

Provided that your family member or friend is being hospitalized or had previously hospitalized with a chronic psychiatric condition, we can follow together the procedures formed by the Mental Health Directorate of the Ministry of Health through the Program “Psychargos” so that your person can be hosted at one of the "Thalpos" Units. In case there is no available place in any of the "Thalpos" you will need to contact with other Units of the Program "Psychargos".

- Are patients living in the Units dangerous?

 People hosted in our Units suffer from severe mental illnesses and related disorders that allow them, with proper support in the context of psychosocial rehabilitation, to live and participate in local community without causing any threaten or risk to life or physical integrity of the them, of the staff or the citizens.

- Shouldn’t Units be somewhere more distant and quiet, and not in the city?

The reintegration of mental patients into the community is the foundation of Psychiatric Reform and part of the national mental health policy of most countries in the civilized world. The aim of de-institutionalization is not only these structures can act as units for the rehabilitation and social reintegration of mentally disordered people, but also become agents of change and progress for the neighborhood and the community in which they operate. And even more they can create in the local community a climate that not only accepts the different but be developed with it equally and harmoniously.

- How the “Thalpos” are funded?

The program "Psychargos" is continuously supported by European and national funding mechanisms. Since 2005, the main funding source has been the Greek Community Support Framework "Operational Program for Health and Welfare 2000-2006", and from 2008 to 2013 the National State Budget undertook the financing of the program. In 2013, the NSRF under the "Operational Program for Human Resources Development 2007-2013" supported the program by 2015, and from 2016 to today, the funding has again reverted to the National State Budget.