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We have created a few questions you may have for us. In the event that one of your queries is not answered, you can contact us directly.

- What are the “Thalpos” Units?

They are Units of Psychosocial Rehabilitation of high protection level, in which individuals with serious mental health problems are accommodated 24 hours a day. The main focus is on hospitalization, education, occupation and personal psychosocial development of the tenants. The Units are part of the National Psychiatric Reform Program “Psychargos".

- What is the “Psychargos” Program?

The Psychiatric Reform Program “Psychargos”, creates Units of Psychosocial Rehabilitation of the living quarters type (Dorm, Guest House, Protected Apartments) for the deinstitutionalization, the psychosocial rehabilitation and the social reintegration of 3,500 chronic asylum patients who lived in psychiatric hospitals and at the same time develops psychiatric departments in the general hospitals and other community structures for the provision of mental health services, such as Day Centers, Mobile Units, Mental Health Centers, Medical Education Centers.

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- Can I make an endowment or offer my services on a voluntary basis?

We appreciate very much any contribution to the work of our Units. The donations and the endowments you want to offer concern community actions of the Units outside “Psychargos” program. We accept contributions in kind and voluntary work, such as food, clothing, clothing, household equipment, toys, etc., as well as offer for voluntary employment.

You can contact us at 210 86 68 365 or send an e-mail to

- What is the basic operating principle of the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Units “Thalpos” and what is their purpose?

The basic operating principle of the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Units “Thalpos” is the harmonization of everyday life in the Unit with the pace of social reality. Their purpose is the deisntitutionalization of individuals with serious mental health problems.

- What services are provided in the “Thalpos” Units?

The administration and the work force of the Units ensure daily that specialized and certified by the Ministry of Health services are provided for the support of the patients and also their families and their caregivers, on the basis of their relevant establishment and operation licenses.

- How could I be employed at the Units?

The specialties employed at the Units of Psychosocial Rehabilitation “Thalpos" are as follows: Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Pathologist, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist or Creative Employment Responsible , Nurse and Employee of General Tasks.

If you have educational training and professional experience in the field of mental health, you can send your CV to Alternatively, you can monitor the job vacancies posted on the web page and on our official Facebook page.

- How can I offer voluntary work to the people who reside in the Units?

The Units may receive support on a voluntary basis by private individuals or other collective bodies through a mutually determined framework established on a case-by-case basis. The institution of the volunteers can contribute in various ways: on the one hand, the practical assistance is of great importance, on the other hand, the community’ s relations with the residents are bridged and prejudices are combated.

- How can a patient, a friend or a relative, be admitted to the “Thalpos” Units?

If your relative or friend is hospitalized or has been hospitalized in the past for chronic mental illness, we can follow together the procedures laid down by the Directorate for Mental Health of the Ministry of Health through the “Psychargos” Program, so that your person you can be accommodated in one of the “Thalpos” Units. If there is no available position in one of the “Thalpos” you will have to contact the corresponding Units of the “Psychargos” Program.

- Are the patients residing in the Units dangerous?

The benefiting residents of our Units suffer from mental diseases and related disorders enabling them, with the appropriate support in the context of psychosocial rehabilitation, to live and participate in the local society without threatening the life or the physical integrity of themselves, the personnel and the general public.

- Should the Units be located at a more remote and quiet place, and not in the city?

The reintegration of mental patients in the community is the cornerstone of the Psychiatric Reform and part of the national mental health policy in most countries in the civilized world. The aim of the deinstotutionalization is not only for these institutions to be able to work as units of rehabilitation and social reintegration of persons mentally impaired, but to become agents of change and progress for the neighborhood and the community within which they operate. And even more to create within the local society an attitude that not only accepts the different, but lives and grows with it equally and harmoniously.

- How are the “Thalpos” Units funded?

The “Psychargos” Program is constantly supported by European and national funding mechanisms. Since 2005, the main source of funding was the Greek Community Support Framework “Operational Program Health and Welfare 2000-2006” while from 2008 to 2013 the National State Budget took over the funding of the program. In 2013, the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) under “Human Resources Development Operational Program 2007-2013” has supported the program until 2015, while from 2016 until today, the funding has passed back to the National State Budget.