Thalpos-Mental Health

Against Exclusion

Against Exclusion was an educational collaboration against social exclusion through art and culture which lasted from October 2012 to October 2014.

The implementation of the program was undertaken by six European non-governmental, non-profit organizations, amongst which the organization Athena-Social Care (currently “Thalpos-Mental Health) represented Greece.

  • Italy - Libera Universita del Teatro Monteriggioni SI - 
  • Romania - Patronatul Judetean al Femeilor de Afaceri din IMM CLUJ  
  • Austria - Lothar Tschapka Training & Coaching KG

The objectives of the program were as follows:

  • To identify and understand the problems faced by marginalized groups as they were presented in the participating countries and to find solutions which could be implemented in practice.
  • To find new ways of mobilizing the socially excluded individuals or groups and to integrate them in the culture of the collaborating organizations of the program.
  • To strengthen the social interest and to provide a reason for the implementation of support initiatives and raising awareness campaigns in order to dispel the prevailing stereotypes regarding these groups of people.

63 methodological papers were implemented making use of various forms of art such as theater, painting, cinema, photography, music, dance and handcrafts. For the implementation of Against Exclusion, 12 travels were made, while many meetings and working groups were conducted online. The voluntary participation of individuals and groups was essential for the completion of the program and in particular 270 volunteers were occupied.

Against Exclusion was financed by the European Program “Grundtvig”, part of the Lifelong Learning Program of the European Commission 2007-2013 with a view to strengthening the European dimension in adult education. In addition, the Managing Authority of the Greek State Scholarships Foundation was a source of funding. Overall, 16,000 euros were utilized.

More information on the Grundtvig training program “Against Exclusion” can be found on the web page